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Home Buyers and Investors:

Welcome to the Inside Track. If you’re looking for a foreclosed property you have come to the right place.

San Diego Foreclosure Insider is the most effective resource available for finding and acquiring a foreclosure or bank-owned property in San Diego County

We’ve done the legwork to make your house-hunting effort as easy as possible and as at the pace that suits you.

We’re based here, we’re professionals who know the San Diego real estate market and we have access to the real estate and legal information you’re going to need.

The best real estate deals are found and financed on a local basis. When you’re working with our organization you are working with professionals who have built their careers in the San Diego real estate market.

It's Who You Know:

Several major lenders have selected us to expedite sale of their foreclosed properties in San Diego County. We know the bankers, we know what their expectations are, and we know what they’ll settle for.

If the foreclosure market is new to you, we’re here to take you every step of the way. We’ve turned packaging foreclosure acquisitions into a system.

Our services include:

  • Finding the right agent, or working with your current agent.
  • Securing your financing, or working with your current lender.
  • Locating the right foreclosure property
  • Assisting in the purchase negotiations and closure.

We can’t predict the future of the real estate market here – the only thing we know is that one day the pricing structure will right itself. Our job is to find properties with attractive prices based on TODAY’S market.

Here’s What You’ll Know:

When you’re working with San Diego Foreclosure Insider;

  • You will have access to foreclosure properties BEFORE they are publicly available.
  • You’ll learn about properties in foreclosure before they’re listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • You’ll see the properties before real estate agents do.

We’ll work with you to submit an offer that can succeed before other prospective buyers have had the chance.

In the foreclosure market, knowledge is power. As a client with our firm you will know about the history and condition of a property – all of which is critical in evaluating real estate. You’ll also have the financial perspective, which means that you’ll know just how much real estate the bank is burdened with and how anxious they are to sell what you want.

Here’s What’s Next:

You can take an important first step by filling out the brief form on the right, so that we can contact you as soon as possible.

Once we’ve had an opportunity to communicate, we’ll review the playing field for you.

We’ll provide an inventory of the type of property you’re interested in, including what’s available, and what may be in foreclosure shortly.

We’ll discuss what sort of financing you may need and find an appropriate lender. We’ve found that because today people are saving more and borrowing less, many local banks are anxious to make loans.

The foreclosure market is getting very competitive. Let us provide the expert help you are going to need by getting in touch with us today – it won’t cost you anything and you’ll probably learn a lot.

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